You can download version 8.4 at: Download the full installation for version WMS 8.4 (> 650 MB so you will need a fast connection).   After downloading run the installation program (you will also need to be connected while installing).  You will have to agree to the licensing information, and select the location to install as with most installation programs, and then you will be asked which method you plan to use to enable WMS. In a separate email I've provided you with a code to enable your software, but you will need to be connected to the internet for this to work.

You will then need to select the features you wish to install.  I recommend the following to be productive for this class.  Leave all the default items checked on for installation (Program Files, Models, Tutorials, and WMS Documentation).  Under Model Documentaion I recommend that you select all of them, but each is a .pdf file that you must download from the internet and will take a few minutes, but these sources are good hydrologic modeling references.  Finally under the Additional Models I would choose to intall all of them, but you must have HEC-HMS, NSS, GSSHA and EPA's SWMM.


Good Luck!

Dr. Nelson