Floodplain delineation using HEC-RAS and WMS

CEEn-531 Dr. Nelson

You have developed several 'hydrologic models' in previous assignments using WMS interface. In this assignment, you will learn how to create a 'hydraulic model' in the WMS interface and use this model to delineate floodplain. You will use HEC-RAS which is a 1D channel flow simulation software as the hydraulic model. Before you start working this assignment in your computer, make sure that you have HEC-RAS installed. If not, you can download a copy from this link.

Complete WMS tutorial on Floodplain delineation which is Volume III - Chapter 1 in WMS tutorial (found in .....\Program Files\WMS83\Docs\Tutor82_VOL_III.pdf). If you do not have a copy, it is attached here. All necessary data for this tutorial can be found in ....Program Files\WMS82\tutorial\hecras or can be downloaded from this link.


Write a paragraph about what you learned from this assignment, along with a screen capture, or two,  developed from the results of the tutorial, to your CE531 homework page, then email the TA (include the URL to your homework page).

Always try to make your assignment page look as nice and professional as possible.