Modeling Project Part 4

Dr. Nelson

Validation of Optimized HMS Parameters

and Modeling Project Report


In this section you will use your optimized HMS model with another storm and compare the response to the corresponding observed flow. It is good to check if your optimized model can be used for other storms for the same watershed and model parameters. This process is called Model Validation. If your model works for any set of storms within a certain level of accuracy, then it can be used to forecast the runoff based on some hypothetical future storm.

Project Report:

Now it is time to report your work. You will summarize the models, methods, parameters, optimization, comparison and validation works in a systematic order. Try to follow the same order in the report as the order you worked. It is not necessary to discuss a lot about the methodology and optimization trials you made. But it will be good to include what you observed while doing optimization like which parameters were sensitive, the effects of increasing and/or decreasing the parameters on outflow hydrograph, etc.

It is up to you how you present your GSSHA and HMS results. You may discuss the HMS models first and then do GSSHA or you may write a comparative study report; whichever way you think will be more effective and reflect your efforts and observations.

The following things should be included in your report (This is for both GSSHA and HMS)

Turn in: