CEEn 531 - Water Resources Engineering

Dr. Nelson

Homework Assignment 1

Complete the hydrologic modeling overview for WMS at http://www.ems-i.com/wmsonlinecourse/content.php. After completing this review I would like you to list your own questions or feelings of inadequacy when it comes to the essential hydrologic equations and principles used for modeling. This is very important so that I can review and be sure that I try not to go over something too quickly that I assume you understand. That should be included in your homework write-up but also email that directly to me at jimn@byu.edu

Complete the WMS introductory tutorial.  Be sure to read the sections on exercise files and starting over.  Note that if you are running on a computer in 234 then you will want to download the set of files from the WMS Learning Center.

Respond to the questions below by writing a half page paragraph about what you have learned from this lesson.  You should not simply answer the questions for your paragraph, rather write it as if you are explaining to your supervisor what WMS can do.  The questions are intended to guide you in your writing and to let you know the "minimum" learning for this assignment.

Create a word or better yet .pdf file and upload to learning suite. I also encourage you to create a simple web page where you can link in each of these assignments.

WMS Overview 

1.  What does WMS stand for? And how can water resource engineers benefit from it?
2.  What are the primary geographic data that are used extensively by WMS to estimate hydrologic parameters?
3.  What are the basic objectives of using WMS?
4. What is it that you hope to learn in this class?