CEEn 531 - Water Resources Engineering

Dr. Nelson

Homework Assignment 2

Complete the WMS tutorial on images. You can get the associated files from the WMS Learning Center. For the location of your choice load at least three different images into WMS and then convert them to static images and save.

Write a page summary on how WMS uses images and the importance of georeferencing them. Also discuss why coordinate system management is important. The questions below can be used as a guide to this summary but do not need to be answered directly.

Submit your summary on Learning Suite before the deadline.

Always try to make your assignment page look as nice and professional as possible.

WMS Overview 

  1. What is the basic structure of image files from WMS's perspective?
  2. What is geo-referencing? Why do we need to do it before we start using images?
  3. Where can you locate image data? 
  4. How can you convert a streaming image to a static image?.

  5. Why do we need to have geographic coordinates converted to planimetric coordinates before we do any hydrologic analysis?

Extra Questions:

Here are some extra questions for you to think about.

  1. What is the basic difference between manual registration and in-file or pre-set registration?

  2. How is an aerial photograph useful for hydrologic simulations?

  3. Why would we want to make an image static?

  4. List at least 2 coordinate systems along with their identifying features.

  5. What does the UTM-NAD83 projection mean, what units are the coordinates generally in?