CEEn 531 - Water Resources Engineering

Dr. Nelson

Homework Assignment 6

Review the WMS Advanced DEM Delineation Techniques tutorial then read the following set of questions and write half a page paragraph about what you have learned.

Load your own watershed data into WMS and redelineate.  Are there any roads or other features that the automated delineation does not accurately capture?  If so try to incorporate them.  After delineating your watershed and cleaning any problems up recompute your basin data and generate the longest flow path arc, then smooth boundaries and adjust the display options to get a more "professional" image that you can screen capture and include on your homework page.

Post this paragraph, along with a screen capture, or two,  to your CE531 homework

Always try to make your assignment page look as nice and professional as possible.

More on Watershed Delineation With DEMs 

  1. Do you think that smoothing streams and boundaries is an important step in delineation process?

  2. When do we need to add more arcs to the delineated watershed? And why might you need to do this?

  3. What other attributes, besides elevation, does WMS store for a DEM?

  4. Discuss the pros and cons of automated DEM watershed delineation.

Extra Questions:

Here are some extra questions for you to think about.

  1. Discuss the applicability of a DEM-based, as opposed to map-based, delineation.

  2. After you delineate your watershed, can you define an interior outlet? What are some hydrologic/hydraulic applications that would require defining an interior outlet?

  3. When is the watershed delineation wizard useful? Discuss.