CEEn 531 - Water Resources Engineering

Dr. Nelson

Basic HMS Model Assignment

Complete the WMS tutorial on the HMS Interface read the following set of questions and write half a page paragraph about what you have learned.

Develop a single basin HMS model for the data that you have been collecting for your watershed.  Create a one page report of your results that shows the delineated watershed (make it look nice!), and report the basic parameter information (i.e. area, tc, loss parameters, etc.).  Where assumptions must be made (for example precipitation and storm type) justify the values you have chosen.  Be sure to include a plot of the resulting hydrograph and comment on the reasonableness of the solution. 

HMS Interface in WMS  

  1. What is a lumped parameter model?

  2. What are the basic parameters required to set up a single basin watershed model in HMS?

  3. When/why would you define routing for an HMS lumped parameter model?

  4. How does WMS assist in developing the parameters for HMS models?