CEEn 531 - Water Resources Engineering

Dr. Nelson

GSSHA Modeling Review Assignment

Complete the tutorial on Developing a GSSHA Model using the Hydrologic Modeling Wizard.  Using the questions below as a guide prepare a half page on what you have learned about GSSHA modeling.

Following the wizard set up basic HMS (at least two sub basins), HMS-ModClark and GSSHA model of a new area. This will be an EXCELLENT review for the first test.

No particular parameters need to be used, but you can use the following as a guideline.

1) Use 2.5 inches with a 24 hour Type II Storm

2) Use the vector land use and soils data and associated mapping table to generate curve numbers

3) Use the SCS Lag Time equation

4) Use Muskingum Routing (and you can compute the parameters with an estimated 3 ft/sec velocity)

5) Use the Clark Unit Hydrograph instead of SCS this time as it should compare better with ModClark

6) For GSSHA use uniform roughness and infiltration assigned from the SCS soils polygons.

7) Be sure to adjust your output control parameters appropriately.

8) Run your simulation for 36 hours.

Again if I have left something out just make a reasonable estimate.