CE En 531 - Hydrologic Modeling

Fall Semester 2012

Brigham Young University

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Instructor: Jim Nelson 242K CB, 422-7569
Lectures: 234 CB, 2:00 - 2:50 pm M-W-F, Lab Wed. 3:00-5:50
Office Hrs: Come by my office anytime

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Student Accounts

Each of you has a student account for this class.  You can log on to your student account to edit your e-mail address and the code that is used to display your homework and exam scores.

Student Account Logon Page

The password to logon to your account was mailed to you at the beginning of the semester. Contact Dr. Jones if you have forgotten your password.

TA Hours

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We will use the xms wiki site at: http://www.xmswiki.com/

We will use the GSSHA wiki at: http://www.gsshawiki.com/

We will use the HMS reference materials found at: http://www.hec.usace.army.mil/software/hec-hms/

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