In this class it is absolutely essential to stay caught up on your homework.  Therefore I have instructed the grader to be strict about scoring late homework.  Homework, unless otherwise stated is due by 5:00 the class period following assignment.  This means that something assigned on Monday is due on the following Wednesday at 5:00 pm (I highly encourage you to complete the work before coming to the next period).  You will be assessed a late penalty of 10% per day (not class period, but not including Saturday and Sunday) up to a maximum of 50%.  No questions or bargaining with the TA on this.


I encourage you to work with others and share what you have learned.  However, you are each responsible to learn the material.  I believe you are adult enough to manage this on your own.  Since it is difficult to develop these assignments I would ask that in future years you not share your data/results with other students.  This also means that you should not solicit the homework, tests, or project results from students who had this class in previous years.  To do so is a violation of the Honor Code in my opinion.


Most of the homework and tests in this class will be done on a computer.  Plan on spending a significant amount of time in the computer labs.  The nature of computer modeling requires a lot of data. Lots of data means lots of disk space.  The network disk space is limited so it will be necessary for you to erase files as soon as you are finished with them.  If you would like to keep the information for later use or reference, you will need to purchase a USB memory stick to store the data.

We will be using the pc's in 234 for many of the projects in this class.  I will also be happy to provide you with a limited password so that you can run WMS and other models on your own personal computer (not Mac's as the software is not compatible).  Instructions for doing this are found here.